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It happens every Fashion Week: a handful of ambitious new models flock to Manhattan and are chosen—or maybe invoked, spirit-at-a-séance-style—to represent the season’s best looks. They open and close the city’s biggest, buzziest runway shows. They Snap, still in their latest show makeup, at the celebrity-filled after-parties. They get called “muses” and “rising stars”. They get ad campaigns, a street style following, and perhaps a charity spokesperson role. They’re coming soon to a fashion show near you… and they’re ready to (literally) face the world.

Check out the women who graced our BEAUTY IS BORING studio in between designer castings this week. Each model has her own unique, individual street style – a striking originality that defines a modern, global beauty. For their portraits, they chose their own clothes, hair and makeup looks. We chatted with them to get a sense of the real women behind the pretty faces – their backgrounds, their career aspirations, and, of course, their beauty obsessions.


NYFW. Role Models. Nicole for Beauty Is Boring and by Robin Black.

Agent: Wilhelmina
IG: @nicoleatieno

Home: Germany, by way of Kenya.

Big Break: Last season, she was a Gucci exclusive handpicked by Alessandro Michele. Now Nicole is walking her first full “fashion month” this season.

MVP Beauty Product: NARS and Estee Lauder Foundations

Backstage Pet Peeve: “I wish more makeup artists backstage knew how to mix foundation shades for women of color! Sometimes we look gray after they’re done with us. We all have different undertones. Some of us have red undertones. Some of us have orange… and so if you don’t pay attention to our unique coloring, we look dead.”

Reality Obsession: “If I could be on any TV show, I would go on Ru Paul’s Drag Race. If I met Ru Paul, I think I would honestly die. Like, oh my god. I wouldn’t even be able to talk!”

Future Goal: “I think Angela Merkel, the president of my country, is doing a lot of things right. I love that she’s letting refugees in from Syria. I love that she’s down to earth. I think it’s great that she’s allowing other people to come in, and she’s setting a good example. Eventually, I want to go back to Kenya and build something there, a school or a home for kids who live on the streets. THE GREAT THING ABOUT THE EXPOSURE YOU GET FROM MODELING IS IT GIVES YOU A PLATFORM TO USE FOR BIGGER ISSUES.”

Products: Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color in AmethystNARS Velvet Eyeliner in Black MoonSisley Mascara So IntenseClarins HydraQuench Moisture Replenishing Lip BalmKoh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation in 303

Photographer+Makeup// Robin Black
Hair// Kiyo Garashi
Wardrobe// Model’s own.


NYFW. Role Models. Christina for Beauty Is Boring and by Robin Black.

Agent: Wilhelmina

Home: Copenhagen, Denmark

MVP Beauty Product: “I always keep Bioderma face cream in my bag. My skin is so sensitive that it reacts to products really easily. This helps calm it down. I also love a sparkle eye shadow, at least at night.”

Skin Lesson: “I’m very pale. It’s part of my look, I guess. But this summer, I was at St Tropez for a few days. I came back to my agency and they gasped and said, ‘Agh! You got tanned!’ Like I did something wrong! So now I apply sunscreen all the time. I thought I was good about it before but now I’m obsessive.”

Future Goal:I WANT TO GO INTO ECONOMICS. I do love the subject – I love everything to do with math! But for work, management, how companies are structured—EVENTUALLY, I WANT TO RUN A COMPANY MYSELF.“

Products: Tarte Tarteist Metallic Shadow in Shake DownTata Harper Very BronzingTata Harper Very IlluminatingTom Ford Lip Color in Nude VanilleTom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation in Cream

Photographer+Makeup// Robin Black
Hair// Kiyo Garashi
Wardrobe// Model’s own.


NYFW. Role Models. Pritika for Beauty Is Boring and by Robin Black.

Agent: Women 360 Management
IG: @pritikaswarup

Home: Virginia, USA

MVP Beauty Product: “Giorgio Armani concealer is the best concealer I’ve ever had. It’s perfect for my skin tone. It does what it needs to do. There’s a Tom Ford highlighter that I always use, too, and I love Dior Brow Pencil in brown.”

DIY Skin Secret: “I put Vitamin E in my eye cream. My mom does that too because she’s very into Aryuvedic medicine. So she’s taught me a lot. There’s one face mask she makes with chickpea flour. It’s really hard to do, but it works, so we make it at home in Virginia together. It’s like our bonding time.”

Family Matters: “My dad and I were really excited for me to model. My mom’s more conservative, and it took her a while to support me. She has nine brothers and sisters in her family, and they’re so traditional. Everyone in India, where she’s from, becomes doctors or lawyers. And so I’m doing things a little differently. But I’m simultaneously getting my undergrad degree at Columbia University, so she’s happy.”

Shopping Spree: “The last things I bought were school books and Yves Saint Laurent block heels. I’m obsessed with them.”

Life Changer: “Since childhood I’ve been involved in Operation Smile, it was founded at my school – North Academy – and I went on a bunch of mission trips. It’s amazing to be there with the children before their surgeries, to play with them, help them relax, and then to see the transformation….it’s so huge because it’s not just superficial, it really impacts their lives. It impacts their confidence to realize their full potential. If you can feel good about yourself – anything is possible.”

Products: NARS Velvet Eyeliner in KalisteMarc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume MascaraKevyn Aucoin The Sensual Lip Stain in CashmereMarc Jacobs Glow Stick Glistening IlluminatorKoh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation in 123

Photographer+Makeup// Robin Black
Hair// Kiyo Garashi
Wardrobe// Model’s own.


NYFW. Role Models. Avie for Beauty Is Boring and by Robin Black.

AVIE, 19
Agent: Wilhelmina
IG: @avie.acosta

Home: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Hello, My Name Is… “My name is Ay-vie. Sometimes people call me “Ahh-vie” and that’s fine; I don’t care. But I guess I care a little bit! It’s Ay-vie.”

MVP Makeup Product: Aesop Leaf tea tree exfoliator.

Change Is Good: “When I started hormone therapy [for gender transition], my skin changed for the better. It got so clear, so beautiful, and so soft. It’s very flushy. My goal now is a skincare campaign. [Laughing.] It’s true!”

Style Secrets of the Panhandle: “Actually, I miss the Oklahoma Good Will. All of the t-shirts are 99 cents and the denim is great… and I left this one pair of Marc Jacobs trousers in Oklahoma and I miss them. I want them back so badly.”

Avie Ink: “I have three tattoos. I have “Allison,” which is the name I would have been assigned female at birth. This heart on my thigh, it’s where I injected my first [hormone]. And right above my pubic region, it says “sorry” with a frown. It’s a joke, like, a pre-apology for anything I do, but also, like, I have a dick, so… but it’s my last apology. I don’t have any more ‘sorries’ to give.”

Wonder Woman: “Besides modeling, I write as well. I didn’t go to school or anything after high school, but I went to a summer camp through the Oklahoma Arts Institute. They select 15 people for creative writing, and my senior year, I got picked. It’s a really big deal in Oklahoma; everyone knows about it. And it’s a two-week extensive course. I WRITE MOSTLY POETRY BUT I WANT TO WRITE A SCREENPLAY AND MAYBE A TV SHOW. I WANT TO ACT AS WELL. I WANT TO DO IT ALL!

Products: NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Infatuated Red (on eyes and lips!), Marc Jacobs Brow Tamer Grooming GelDior Glow Maximizer PrimerDior Capture Totale Dreamskin Perfect Skin Cushion Broad Spectrum SPF 50Dior Fix It Colour in #400 Green

Photographer+Makeup// Robin Black
Hair// Kiyo Garashi
Wardrobe// Model’s own.


NYFW. Role Models. Alice for Beauty Is Boring and by Robin Black.

Agent: Trump Models
IG: @alicegilbert

Home: Kent, England, UK

MVP Beauty Product: “I hate the feeling of makeup on my skin. I always take it off as soon as I can! And my mom always told me not to bother with lots of cleansing—natural soap and water works fine. So that’s what I use. That and Moroccan Oil, which I use every day because it makes my hair really shiny.”

Wanderlust: “I think I would go on any reality show that would take me around the world. Any of those travel programs where you go exploring. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, and getting to explore an island somewhere—sign me up!”

What About Brexit? “We need to stay in the EU, not leave. I’m devastated and of course I voted to stay … I don’t know how it’ll affect my career, or anyone’s career, because its effects haven’t been felt yet, but I’m so sad. We need to stay.”

Baking With Alice: “My favorite TV show ever is The Great British Bake Off. If I went on it, well… I don’t know how I’d do. I’m good at baking, but I think a lot of the French dishes and the biscuits, those recipes I’d need to practice a lot. I’ve got cakes down. And my favorite thing to bake is brownies. I can do those no problem.”

Products: Sisley Paris Phyto-Eye Twist in #7 HavanaSisley Mascara So IntenseStila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color in Light AshClarins Daily Energizer Lovely Lip BalmKevyn Aucoin The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting

Photographer+Makeup// Robin Black
Hair// Kiyo Garashi
Wardrobe// Model’s own.


NYFW. Role Models. Kyle for Beauty Is Boring and by Robin Black.

KYLE, 20
Agent: Muse
IG: @kkelloggxo

Home: Matteson, Illinois, USA

Big Break: “Everyone always thought I played basketball or modeled. I’m not coordinated, so I was like, ‘Guess I’ll try modeling!’ So I sent my pictures to agencies in New York, and [my agent] called me the next day.”

MVP Makeup Product: “Skincare products! I bought Kiehls, which is my favorite skincare brand. I was on Glossier for a while, but I just bought more Kiehls cleanser, serum, moisturizer, and under-eye cream.”

Mom’s Big Advice: “My mom looks a lot younger than she is, and she always told me, ‘There’s nothing wrong with makeup, but healthy skin is the most important thing to have when you’re older. You don’t want to be scared to leave the house without makeup. Don’t get trapped in that.” And I did. I used to take 30 minutes a day for makeup, and wouldn’t even go to the gas station without powder and foundation. But who wants to live like that?”

Memo to Obama: “Racial tension is really high right now. Things need to simmer down. I don’t think Donald Trump can do anything positive for our country, but if Hillary Clinton gets elected—and I hope she does—I hope she pays special attention to race relations in our country. WE NEED MORE UNDERSTANDING AND EMPATHY, ALL AROUND. AND LESS GUNS.”

Products: BITE Beauty The Multishtick in Almond (on eyes, cheeks and lips), Hourglass Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara (only on the top lashes), Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in CaramelHourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick (used as concealer), Tata Harper Very Illuminating

Photographer+Makeup// Robin Black
Hair// Kiyo Garashi
Wardrobe// Model’s own.


NYFW. Role Models. Maggie for Beauty Is Boring and by Robin Black.

Agent: Wilhelmina
IG: @maggierosemizner

Home: Chicago, Illinois, USA

MVP Beauty Product: “I love a red lip. I wear it with a completely bare face. It’s so easy. It’s like, you’re not wearing makeup, but you are.”

Second Job: “I work in an ‘80s theme bar on the Upper East Side. It’s called Ethyl’s Alcohol and Food. We play punk rock with a DJ and we have go-go dancers. It’s actually really fun!”

Baby Bangs: “When Wilhelmina showed me pictures of the haircut I have now, I was like, ‘No. That’s awful. I’m going to look awful. Why would you want to do this to me?’ But it’s my job to be flexible. And then it turns out, I was wrong! It’s a great haircut! It’s a little edgy for back home, but I love it. My best friends haven’t said anything about it, which is shocking. I’m waiting for them to say something. My family—if they don’t like it, they won’t tell me. They’re so supportive.”

Coolest Job: “My last photo shoot was on an island near Bali. I was surrounded by a whole herd of Water Buffalo, about 30 of them. I was super excited about them, but the first herd was a bit, uh, aggressive so I couldn’t interact with them as much. The second ones were much nicer.”

Products: Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in FlameTom Ford Brow Sculptor in EspressoTom Ford Shade and Illuminate in Intensity TwoKoh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation in 112Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in SC-3

Photographer+Makeup// Robin Black
Hair// Kiyo Garashi
Wardrobe// Model’s own.


NYFW. Role Models. Xiara for Beauty Is Boring and by Robin Black.

Agent: Fusion Models
IG: @xiarawaller

Home: Miami, Florida, USA

MVP Beauty Product: “Those oil blotting sheets save my life on the subway. They stop me from looking sweaty and shiny. Right now, I have the ones from Neutrogena.”

Keeping Up With the Wallises: “I grew up in a household of nine. I have five siblings. I have three dogs. I’m the oldest. And now another grandmother moved in with us. I have a very high tolerance for lots of people around. Literally, my family could have its own reality show.”

Captain Planet: “If I can raise awareness for something through my modeling, it’s that I want to see our wildlife protected. I WANT TO HAVE AN ELEPHANT SANCTUARY ONE DAY. I love them. I want to go to Thailand for my 21st birthday and be with baby elephants on a sanctuary.”

Products: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in HeroineMarc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume MascaraUrban Decay Brow Tamer in ClearUrban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation in 9.0Marc Jacobs #Instamarc Light-Filtering Contour Powder in Hi-Fi 60

Photographer+Makeup// Robin Black
Hair// Kiyo Garashi
Wardrobe// Model’s own.

The post ROLE MODELS appeared first on Beauty Is Boring.

Source: Beauty is Boring

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Conversation with Christie’s

Conversation with Christie’s


in collaboration with JW MARRIOTT GROSVENOR HOUSE
creative direction SHINI PARK photography assistance SIMON SCHMIDT


‘Mother used to collect bags’, I remember, as the ceiling momentarily flashes a shade of red as a bus rattles by, catching the first light on a Tuesday morning. ‘Whatever happened to those, I wonder…’. The suite looks somewhat bigger in the morning, warmer. I’d been hoarding the covers again last night, his pillow lays at the far edge of the Queen bed, defeated, out of reach. He doesn’t mind, just like he doesn’t mind that I’m not a morning person. He sets off to explore Hyde Park on a jog as I scramble out of the sheets. When you peel the blinds and crane your neck just right, you can see the dog walkers on Park Lane.

It’s five past four in the afternoon, and the lobby is blissfully empty, save for a smiley porter in uniform by the revolving doors. There’s a pinch of musky oud on a swash of sweet leathery tang in the air, and a titter escapes from at an early-bird cocktail reunion at the Park Room. The ladies are all wearing the latest encrusted Dior flats. “A pot of Earl Grey please, no milk” I request, as I slide into the deep green couch near the quilted leather walls. I decide against the sachet of sweetener as I overhear bits of sugary gossip between strangers from behind the art deco shelving.

The caramelized marshmallows give way to a cinnamon-y mash of sweet potato. I make a funny noise and he laughs, gobbling a bite of New York Strip off his fork. We wash it down with an Argentine Red, recommended by the host. “We were born in the wrong century,” I surmise, and proceed to painting a picture of The Grosvenor House House in post-war 50’s: teeming with politicians, haughty women of power, and affable families, using a bit of the cheesecake dessert to describe the Dior two-piece I’d have worn to dinner at the JW Steakhouse.

Top: Shoes – Christian Louboutin. Luggage – Vintage via eBay.
Left: Glasses – Miu Miu via David Clulow. Earrings – Joumanna Jewellery. Bag – Louis Vuitton.


Dress – HariTHanD. Hat – Vintage.


Blazer & trousers – Filippa K. Shirt – Iris & Ink.



Glasses – Miu Miu via David Clulow. Jacket – HariTHanD. Skirt – Dagmar. Earrings – Joumanna.



Don’t miss the seafood tasting menu at Corrigan’s Mayfair
JW Marriott Grosvenor House

Art and history is second nature to JW Marriott Grosvenor House , opened in 1929 for the very purpose of tailoring to a grand scale. The hotel boasts some 500 bedrooms and a rich portfolio of clients (including the Queen, who is known to have learnt to skate in the ice rink – now the Great Room). Conversation with Christie’s is a series of inspiring and informative features, along with global events across the JW Marriott properties showcasing some of rarest treasures, in collaboration with Christie’s, world-renowned art collectors and auction-house based out of Rockerfeller Plaza, New York. September 5th, we met the teams at the inaugural event in London, and shot this story around the art of appraisal of an iconic vintage Hermes bag, in a cheeky daydream re-enactment of The Grosvenor House in the glorious 50’s.



Grosvenor House
JW Marriott Hotel
86-90 Park Ln, London W1K 7TN
+44 20 7499 6363
Tux jacket & Trousers – Filippa K. Blouse – Iris & Ink. Bag – Vintage Louis Vuitton


The post Conversation with Christie’s appeared first on PARK & CUBE.

Source: Park and Cube
Conversation with Christie’s

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Look Fantastic Beauty Box | Sep 2016

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | Sep 2016

It’s that time again as another month of 2016 is down already! For September’s edition Look Fantastic are celebrating two years since the launch of their beauty box and inside are items geared towards getting into the ‘party spirit’.

(left to right clockwise) bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie in Get Ready (full size £17), Christophe Robin Purifying Shampoo (full size £28), Lord & Berry Strobing Pencil in #1153 (full size £?), Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter (£20.50), Gatineau Collagne Expert Eye Pads (£36), Argan Liquid Gold BB Cream (full size £70)*

I’ve not had a chance to really get to grips with this box yet but I love the range of products included. A lot of items are quite pricey and aren’t what I would normally go for so it’s great to give them a try. My favourite here already is of course the bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick (you all know by now how much I love a lip product). The lipstick is a beautiful pink that would flatter a range of skintones and is well pigmented too. The sample is so tiny that this is great for carrying on-the-go, especially if you’re lacking space in your handbag!

The Lord & Berry Strobing Stick makes adding highlight to small areas like a cupid’s bow and inner corner of the eyes a dream as it’s a pencil. It blends beautifully and gives a natural-looking highlight. This is definitely something I would buy to use alongside my other highlighters (as it’s better for details rather than applying to larger areas of the skin) but I couldn’t find this on the Look Fantastic or Lord & Berry websites. It might be a new product coming soon so I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

I did try the Gatineau Eye pads but I couldn’t apply them for the full 10 minutes suggested as I felt a slight stinging sensation on the skin. I’m not sure if that’s normal (as it didn’t hurt) or if it was a reaction to the cleanser I had just used (which has glycolic acid in) before applying but either way I decided that it was best to remove them.

I haven’t tried the rest of the products here yet but I know the travel-sized Christophe Robin shampoo, Argan Liquid Gold Multi-Tone BB Cream and Bliss Lemon + Sage Body butter will come in handy for weekends away from home. I thought the Argan Liquid Gold BB cream would be too light for me initially (see swatch below) but it’s intended to be for all skintones. I blended the swatch into my arm and the colour disappeared without leaving an ashy cast so it’ll be interesting to see how well this works on my face.

(left to right) Lord & Berry Strobing Pencil in #1153, bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie in Get Ready & Argan Liquid Gold BB Cream

As ever if you’re interested in this box you can grab it from Look Fantastic for £15 here
*samples – read my disclaimer here.

Have you tried a beauty box?

Lesley x

Source: Fresh Lengths
Look Fantastic Beauty Box | Sep 2016

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Bolagsordningen för Björn Borg AB har antagits vid årsstämma den 23 april 2009.

§ 1 Firma

Bolaget driver sin rörelse under firma Björn Borg AB. Bolaget är publikt (publ).

§ 2 Styrelsens säte

Styrelsen skall ha sitt säte i Stockholms kommun.

§ 3 Verksamhet

Bolagets verksamhet skall vara att, direkt eller genom hel- eller delägda bolag, äga, förvalta och kommersialisera (inklusive genom upplåtelse) och utveckla varumärket Björn Borg samt idka därmed förenlig verksamhet.

§ 4 Aktiekapital

Aktiekapitalet skall utgöra lägst sju miljoner (7.000.000) kronor och högst tjugoåtta miljoner (28.000.000) kronor.

§ 5 Akties antal

Antalet aktier skall vara lägst tjugotvå miljoner fyrahundratusen (22.400.000) och högst åttionio miljoner sexhundratusen (89.600.000).

§ 6 Styrelse

Styrelsen skall bestå av lägst fyra och högst åtta ledamöter med högst två suppleanter. Ledamöterna och suppleanterna väljes årligen på ordinarie bolagsstämma för tiden intill slutet av nästa ordinarie bolagsstämma.

§ 7 Revisorer

Bolaget skall ha en (1) eller två (2) revisorer med högst två (2) suppleanter, alternativt ett (1) registrerat revisionsbolag.

§ 8 Kallelse till bolagsstämma

Kallelse till bolagsstämma skall ske genom annonsering i Post- och Inrikes Tidningar samt på bolagets webbplats. Att kallelse skett skall annonseras i Svenska Dagbladet.

§ 9 Anmälan om, samt rätt till deltagande i bolagsstämma

Aktieägare som vill delta i förhandlingarna vid bolagsstämma, skall dels vara upptagen i utskrift eller annan framställning av hela aktieboken avseende förhållandena fem vardagar före stämman, dels anmäla sig hos bolaget senast kl 16.00 den dag som anges i kallelsen till stämman. Denna dag får ej vara söndag, annan allmän helgdag, lördag, midsommarafton, julafton eller nyårsafton och inte heller infalla tidigare än femte vardagen före stämman.

Aktieägare får medföra ett eller två biträden till bolagsstämman endast om aktieägare på sätt som anges i föregående stycke anmäler antal biträden denne har för avsikt att medföra.

§ 10 Årssstämma

Vid årsstämma som skall hållas årligen inom sex månader efter räkenskapsårets utgång, skall följande ärenden förekomma:

  1. Val av ordförande vid stämman;
  2. Upprättande och godkännande av röstlängden;
  3. Val av en eller två personer att jämte ordföranden justera stämmans protokoll;
  4. Prövning av om stämman blivit behörigen sammankallad;
  5. Godkännande av dagordning;
  6. Framläggande av årsredovisningen och revisionsberättelsen samt, i förekommande fall, koncernredovisningen och koncernrevisionsberättelsen;
  7. Beslut om
    a) fastställelse av resultaträkningen och balansräkningen samt, i förekommande fall, koncernresultaträkningen och koncernbalansräkningen;
    b) dispositioner beträffande bolagets vinst eller förlust enligt den fastställda balansräkningen;
    c) ansvarsfrihet för styrelseledamöterna och verkställande direktören när sådan förekommer;
  8. Bestämmande av arvoden till styrelsen och, i förekommande fall, revisorer;
  9. Val av styrelseledamöter och, i förekommande fall, styrelsesuppleanter;
  10. Val, i förekommande fall, av revisor och revisorssuppleant;
  11. Annat ärende, som ankommer på stämman enligt aktiebolagslagen (2005:551) eller bolagsordningen.

§ 11 Räkenskapsår

Kalenderåret skall utgöra bolagets räkenskapsår.

§ 12 Avstämningsförbehåll

Bolagets aktier skall vara registrerade i ett avstämningsregister enligt lagen (1998:1479) om kontoföring av finansiella instrument.

Den aktieägare eller förvaltare som på avstämningsdagen är införd i aktieboken och antecknad i ett avstämningsregister enligt 4 kap. lagen (1998:1479) om kontoföring av finansiella instrument eller den som är antecknad på avstämningskonto enligt 4 kap. 18 § första stycket 6-8 nämnda lag skall antas vara behörig att utöva de rättigheter som följer av 4 kap. 39 § aktiebolagslagen (2005:551).

Source: Bjorn Borg

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Årsstämman i Björn Borg beslutar om dels ersättning till styrelsens ledamöter, och för utskottsarbete, dels riktlinjer för ersättning till ledande befattningshavare.

Frågor om ersättningar till ledande befattningshavare bereds av styrelsens ersättningsutskott och ersättningen till verkställande direktören beslutas om av styrelsen, inom ramen för ovan nämnda riktlinjer.

Ersättning till styrelsen

Årsstämman 2016 har beslutat att ersättning ska utgå till styrelsen enligt följande: Ordinarie ledamöter får en ersättning om 150 TSEK per år och ordföranden 375 TSEK. För arbete i ersättningsutskottet utgår ersättning om 16 TSEK kronor per ledamot och 27 TSEK till utskottets ordförande. För arbete i revisionsutskottet utgår en ersättning om 55 TSEK per ledamot och 80 TSEK till utskottets ordförande. Arvodet för arbete i utskott är oförändrat jämfört med tidigare år.

Ersättning till ledande befattningshavare

Med ledande befattningshavare avses de personer som tillsammans med verkställande direktören utgör koncernledningen. På årsstämman 2016 fastställdes Riktlinjer för ledande befattningshavare, som innehåller bl.a. följande:

  • Ersättning till VD och de övriga personerna i företagsledningen ska bestå av fast lön, rörlig ersättning, övriga förmåner samt pension samt ev. gällande aktierelaterade incitamentsprogram.
  • Den sammanlagda ersättningen ska vara marknadsmässig och konkurrenskraftig samt stå i relation till ansvar och befogenheter.
  • Den rörliga ersättningen ska baseras på utfallet i förhållande till definierade och mätbara mål, utformade med syfte att främja bolagets långsiktiga värdeskapande, samt vara maximerad i förhållande till den fasta lön som fastställts. Den rörliga ersättningen ska aldrig kunna överstiga den fasta lönen.
  • Vid uppsägning av anställningsavtal från bolagets sida ska uppsägningstiden inte vara längre än tolv månader. Avgångsvederlag bör inte förekomma.
  • Pensionsförmåner ska vara avgiftsbestämda och ge ledande befattningshavare rätt att erhålla pension från 65 år.

För fullständig version av riktlinjerna, se nedladdningsbart dokument nedan.

För mer information om ersättningar utbetalda föregående år till ledande befattningshavare, vänligen se årsredovisningen för 2015.


På årsstämma 2015 beslutades om ett incitamentsprogram om dels konvertibler dels teckningsoptioner, riktat till alla anställda respektive koncernledningen, där varje konvertibel respektive option berättigar till konvertiering/teckning av en aktie.

Programmet motsvarar, vid full konvertering respektive teckning, emission av totalt maximalt 1 100 000 aktier, varav maximalt 520 000 teckningsoptioner och 580 000 konvertibler. Detta motsvarar en totalutspädning om maximalt ca 4,2 %. Konverterings- respektive teckningsperiod är 1-14 juni 2019. Tecknings- och konverteringskursen motsvarar 120% av den genomsnittliga volymviktade aktiekursen på Nasdaq Stockholm 21-29 maj 2015. Ränta utgår på konvertiblerna motsvarande STIBOR 3 mån + 3,3% och utbetalas en gång per år.

Source: Bjorn Borg

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Henrik Bunge

Verkställande Direktör. Rekryterad 2014.

Född: 1973

Utbildning: Jur Kand, Sales Management Harvard.

Tidigare uppdrag: VD, Peak Performance, Managing Director Group Area Nordic, Adidas, VP Sales and marketing Hästens sängar.

Innehav i bolaget: Aktier i Björn Borg: 100 000. Konvertibler i Björn Borg: 100 000. Teckningsoptioner i Björn Borg: 190 000


Daniel Grohman

Ekonomichef. Rekryterad 2015.

Född: 1975

Utbildning: Magisterexamen i företagsekonomi.

Tidigare uppdrag: Ekonomi och inköpschef Efva Attling 2014-2015, Ekonomichef adidas Group Nordic 2011-2014.

Innehav i bolaget: Aktier i Björn Borg: 1 600. Konvertibler i Björn Borg: 10 000. Teckningsoptioner i Björn Borg: 40 000.


Mija Nideborn

Design & Product Development Director. Rekryterad 2016.

Född: 1972

Utbildning: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design, The Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås.

Tidigare uppdrag: Design & Development Director at Helly Hansen, Design Manager at Peak Performance.

Innehav i bolaget: Aktier i Björn Borg: 0. Konvertibler i Björn Borg: 20.000. Teckningsoptioner i Björn Borg: 20.000.


Lena Nordin

HR Direktör. Rekryterad 2014.

Född: 1972

Utbildning: Civilekonom, HR Management IFL Handelshögskolan.

Tidigare uppdrag: HR Director Peak Performance, HR Director Adidas area Nordic, HR Director SATS.

Innehav i bolaget: Aktier i Björn Borg: 0. Konvertibler i Björn Borg: 50 000. Teckningsoptioner i Björn Borg: 40 000.


Jonas Lindberg Nyvang

Marknadsdirektör. Rekryterad 2012.

Född: 1975

Utbildning: Msc in Business Economics, MA in Design Futures.

Tidigare uppdrag: Business Development Director Starcom Nordics, Marketing Director MySpace Nordics, CEO State of the Arts.

Innehav i bolaget: Aktier i Björn Borg: 4 477. Konvertibler i Björn Borg: 60 000. Teckningsoptioner i Björn Borg: 60 000.


Joacim Sjödin

Global försäljningschef. Rekryterad 2015.

Född: 1975

Tidigare uppdrag: Country manager adidas Group 2006-2012, European Sales Director Peak Performance 2012-2015.

Innehav i bolaget: Aktier i Björn Borg: 30 000. Konvertibler i Björn Borg: 100 000. Teckningsoptioner i Björn Borg: 120 000.


Victoria Swedjemark

General Counsel and Sustainability Director. Rekryterad 2011.

Född: 1974

Utbildning: Jur. Kand. Stockholms Universitet, Aff. Jur. Mag., Linköpings universitet, Ek. Kand. Linköpings universitet.

Tidigare uppdrag: General Counsel Tilgin AB, Senior Biträdande jurist Advokatfirman Delphi.

Innehav i bolaget: Aktier i Björn Borg: 1 005. Konvertibler i Björn Borg: 50 000. Teckningsoptioner i Björn Borg: 40 000.


Lisa Udd

Management Assistant. Rekryterad 2014.

Född: 1961

Utbildning: Distribution/Office & Language at University.

Tidigare uppdrag: Peak Performance, Entreprenörföretagen, Plåtslageriernas Riksförbund, Accuray Scandinavia, FRA, Nam-Nam.

Innehav i bolaget: Aktier i Björn Borg: 1 000. Konvertibler i Björn Borg: 5 000. Teckningsoptioner i Björn Borg: 10 000.

Source: Bjorn Borg

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Unlock: A music video

Unlock: A music video



Necklace – Cartier Amulette


You know what they say, if you’ve done a round of Scrabble, it’s time for some Charades and beers. Then Karaoke. Then more beers. A plate of quesadilla too if you can distinguish pan from pot. If not, just toss everything into a bucket of KFC Assorted Wings and eat it with a ladle, it all looks the same when it comes out as chunks later. Who says that? I don’t know, probably somebody famous, and fabulous. Somebody last Friday night maybe, who may or may not have had one too many glasses of boxed wine, who sang Swan Princess until the cops showed up at the door. DEREK! YOU AND I WERE MEANT TO BE…

…it took exactly one year and two months to muster up the courage to put this up here for you to see.

I digress. Ladies and gentlefolk, welcome to the charades and karaoke part of the night. Everything is downhill from here. If you’ve been following this blog for the past eight years, you know I’ve shuffled a LOT of shameless face cards and tiled many a Scrabble board with bad grammar and nonsensical rants. It was only time that we moved the party onto the singing and dancing part*.

UNLOCK • Watch the full video below

In all frankness, it took exactly one year and two months – to the day – to muster up the courage to put this up here for you to see. One rainy Sunday in June 2015, I took two buses to get to the On.Cut studio shack up in Hendon, and within about 20 minutes of warm-up** and a packet of Cheesy Dorito’s, we got to recording. At Emarr at the helm, song practically wrote itself. Jam mixed it on the spot. Ten days later we shot the video under an incredibly menstrual July sky and amidst a field of lavender. I could barely remember the words.

It’s not a Billboard topper, heck, it’s shower singing at best, but it’s a small dream come true. Thanks are due to Cartier’s relentless support, to my assistant Simon (who judges Rihanna yet curiously reserves comments on my wailing) and to hidden talents like Emarr & Jam… here’s Unlock.***

* More on Snapchat (ID Sparkncube) and Instagram Stories
** Basically yelling ‘WOW. WOW. WAW. WAAAW’ until the dudes say that’s not really a thing.
*** On hindsight, let’s all pretend that blue smoke grenade is a gassy Pokemon in the wild, and not a hipster filming gimmick that I thought was a great idea at the time. AIN’T IT SO 2015.

Dress – Zara. Shirt – ASOS. Hat – Zara (similar).


Dress – Razan Alazzouni


creative direction SHINI PARK photography assistance SIMON SCHMIDT music produced by <a href=”” title=”Emarr” target=”_blank”EMARR & MUSICBYJAM video directed by EMARR produced by CUBE COLLECTIVE in collaboration with CARTIER

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Source: Park and Cube
Unlock: A music video

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Forged Carbon Fiber Jewelry Becomes The Latest Trend In Men's Jewelry

Forged Carbon Fiber Jewelry Becomes The Latest Trend In Men's Jewelry

Forged carbon fiber started to become news a few years ago. Traditionally, while very light, durable, and certainly cool looking, it has been a little hard to work with. Carbon fiber composites and forged carbon fiber bring new flexibility and wider us…

Source: JustLuxe

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Shoe of the Month: Chanel pearl mules

Shoe of the Month: Chanel pearl mules

Chanel Metiers d’Art 2015/16 Runway Pearl Mules
It’s with excitement that I get to present my newest pair of Chanel pumps as shoe of the month! What you must know is that this is the first ever mule from Chanel, we’ve seen everything from clogs to cowboy boots and endless versions of he two-toned pumps, however according to Karl Lagerfeld, this is the fashion houses first proper mule. This mule has been on everyones lips since it was sent down the catwalk in December last year and now I understand why.
After buying the boots, the brogues and seeing the nerdy sister version of these – the slingbacks, my interest for classic Chanel shoes was born. I did not live through a big discovery moment with this, this habit has been sneaking up on me. Chanel’s are never teetering high, nor are they in-your-face eye catchers, but delicately beautiful and something I wish to one day pass down to my yet unconceived child. 
The runway shoes differs quite a lot from the main collection. Often adorned in the brands signature hardware (chains and pearls) and are somewhat pricier. However, they are always classic with full injection of fashíon that guarantees to land them on the seasons it-shoe list. The black toed, two-tone shoe was introduced by Chanel exactly 60 years ago and have been their signature ever since. Correctly designed to elongate the leg and shorted the foot, and applauded by petite girls like me around the globe. However, it was the pearl on the heel that really tipped me over. I’ll buy any excuse to have all eyes drawn to my heels.
Let’s celebrate the fact that this is my first ever #shoeofthemonth that get’s a 5/5 in both comfort and quality. Chanel living up to its reputation!
Comfort: 5/5
Very comfortable and adjusts perfectly to you feet. Although these are quite delicate and not meant to be a 24h shoe, you’ll completely forget that you are wearing these.

Quality: 5/5 
As Chanel should be, these are perfect in every way. From the dreamy smooth leather to the CC encrusted pearl detail on the heel, these are a pair to add to the achieve.

Purchase price: £540 in Chanel in Harrods London, July 2016.
As we know, Chanel does not retail online, so the only way to get your hands on these is to visit a store. However these are pretty much sold out at the moment, so I suggest keeping your eye on stores like Vestiaire Collective and eBay.

As seen above in beige, the shoe also comes in a black and a white version – all with the black toe. Available in either leather or suede. There is also a more ‘festive’ version with a snake around the pearl.
Sizing: Runs very true to size. If you are in between, I suggest going half a size down and hope for the toe to stretch out a bit. Mine are a size 37, my usual size
Photos by Mikko Puttonen

Source: 5 Inch and Up
Shoe of the Month: Chanel pearl mules

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There might not be a reoccurring #5inchanduptravels hashtag trending on Instagram, but that has not stopped me from spamming your feed with scenery changes and the not-so-surprising airplane images (sorry but they really match my feed!). Although recklessly answering NO to the polite ‘Been anywhere nice recently’ questions, I keep forgetting that I have indeed been to a lot of nice places this Summer. Am I starting to rule out European destinations of my ‘serious travels?’ Maybe. Or maybe I just need a little wake up call. 

SOON we are going to go through a few changes here on the blog, one that will lift travel into a more frequent feature. But until then, a little Insta recap of the cities visited over the Summer months. An attempt to become interested in football in Paris resulted in me enjoying our hotels and the lobby bar way more (shocker). A charmingly tipsy trip though Champagne, a lot of back and forts to London, a 24h stop in Stockholm and a wonderful Tuscany trip with Ferrari. A few days in Denmark, Finland from Helsinki to Porvoo and a road trip though the numerous cities and villages that include too many ä’s and ö’s for you to remember them.
This and oh so much more, you find me at @5inchandup.

A special Thank You to the Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel

Source: 5 Inch and Up

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Europe’s Largest Department Store is an International Shopper’s Dream

Europe’s Largest Department Store is an International Shopper’s Dream

After decades of being the go-to destination for Spain’s fashionable set, El Corte Inglés is celebrating their 75th anniversary. As the largest department store in Europe and fourth largest in the world, El Corte Inglés offers inter…

Source: JustLuxe

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Flow Festival


Flow Festival

CELINE shoes

CHLOE sunglasses

Flow Festival, or as we know it – the sweet Finnish festival that can’t be missed, the last stretch of our Nordic summer. The epic and infamous three day extravaganza took place last weekend, and this year I had the pleasure of experiencing it with Zalando. The online store has been big on the festival scene this season. Big enough to host their very own scene in the form of their very own Zalando Factory.

On deliberating what to wear, it occurred to me that hardly anything would look out of place at this city festival. Even a white shirt and jeans would work, so that’s what I did. A festival version of course – crocket replaced crispy cotton, with again relying on a oversized sleeve. With the opportunity of some flower embroidery on my jeans, how could I not? This is coming from someone that owns both a designer and a high-street version, needless to say, you better have some sticker-type patches on your jeans this year. The selection that we are being offered is already too big to choose from, so channel your inner 70’s/80’s kid before we get all serious and with the fall wardrobe.  

On day two I brought a little bit of darkness with some dramatic floor length florals, that seems to still be my favourite festival get up. As fun as a jumpsuit but way more practical, a factor that is underrated at festivals…

But so another successful Flow festival is over. Satisfied over the gourmet food that once again outdid itself – This weekend is a foodies day dream. You can literally have a wheatgrass shot in between your every cider, just the fact of knowing this already reduces the hangover. Happy about the amazing memories I made with my loved ones, some while dancing to Sia’s beautiful performance, some while tasting my way though the drink stands – no wheatgrass shots in sight.

Photos by Janita Autio
In collaboration with Zalando

Source: 5 Inch and Up
Flow Festival

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Ring leader

Ring leader


creative direction SHINI PARK editorial assistance SIMON SCHMIDT in collaboration with FARFETCH
above: top J.H. ZANE bag SAVAS white dress GHOST

Ask me ten years ago if I’d like a bag version of that bus handle I’d gotten to know so well – the circular, plastic reminder that once again I am on the late bus to school and we are one violent swerve away from swinging smack right into someone’s wet armpit. (My glasses would have permanent stains from arm-pubes during exam weeks) If you’d asked me then, I’d have raised an eyebrow, nay, even laughed, at the prospect of a bag that looks like a bus handle ring.

Seemingly, it takes exactly one decade for body cells to turn over, metabolism to slacken, for awkward ideas to become… well frankly, awesome. While my grip on the ring of SAVAS clutch take a familiar, ferocious grasp that one 18-year-old’s good morning relied on, it’s a heck of a stunner – a statement, even. Goes with practically everything, but best seen with puffy, foamy layers and monochrome co-ords as worn in this digitorial for Farfetch.


Top & bottom – BACK. Boots – Bally. Bag – SAVAS via Farfetch


below: blouse J.H. ZANE dress FERRE VIA NORDIC POETRY bag SAVAS
above: jacket J.H. ZANE dress GHOST bag SAVAS


Top – JWon. Velvet culottes – Versace via Nordic Poetry. Shoes – Proenza Schouler. Bag – SAVAS via Farfetch


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Source: Park and Cube
Ring leader

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The Summer Beauty Edit


The Summer Beauty Edit

L’oreal Sculpting Brush





On the quest for a lightly covered, dewy, glowing skin. A look into what I am wearing on my skin this Summer.

It’s been a while since we took a look at my current beauty favourites, so instead of the monthly beauty review, I have moved into a seasonal routine. Not only does this work better for me who likes to see myself as a minimalist in the makeup department, but it also gives me a chance to try and test the products properly before recommending them to you.

Let’s start with the base, I’ve been using The Diorskin Everwear primer mainly for the inbuilt SPF 20 (something I have a high respect for nowadays) but also because it really keeps the foundation in place. It’s does not have a illuminating effect to it, which is something I love about the Tom Ford primer that I’ve recommended previously. It really depends what you want from your foundation. In the summer months I am looking for longevity and skin that does not need much correction or top up during the day. So, I find the Dior Forever foundation to be perfect. With a pore refining effect and a inbuilt SPF, this foundation is a bit on the ‘heavy side’ so you will not need a thick layer. On some days when I want a even more of a natural finish, I blend a bit of the primer into the foundation before applying. I’ve always preferred the use of a well covering foundation on my skin as it does not wear off during the day.

From the many pricey brushed I’ve tried, L’oreal’s new sculpting brush, is my favourite. Ideal for travel with the double brushes, but also amazing quality for it’s price. Same goes for the L’oreal Infallible sculpt contouring palette. It’s one of the best contouring duets I’ve tried, very easy to use and a perfectly balanced creamy texture without being too sticky. I’ve found the highlighter creases a bit, especially if worn under the eye area, So I recommend only using it as a highlighter, not a concealer. Also vital to not choose a colour too dark for your skin, or you might find it hard to use, mine is 03 Medium Dark. 

A surprising newcomer has been the Estée Lauder Perfectionist serum concealer, that comes with both a cream and a stick concealer. While the cream gives a lot of coverage (you only need a very small amount) the stick end works wonders on dark eye circles and has been my trusted touch up tool on the go.

As for the finish, I became familiar with Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer brick compact highlighter in a pervious post and I still keep going back to it. It will last you forever and gives the perfect glow without the glitter. I finish the contouring with a few swipes of the Givenchy glow bronzers, these two products have a very similar finish and is the best way to ‘seal’ the skin after contouring. A loose powder has usually been a bit scary to me because of how thick and matte they tend to look, however the Givenchy’s loose powder has a beautiful sheerness to it, but you will not need much.

My eye routine has not changed that much, I still love the Tom Ford Extreme Mascara and Mac eyeshadows that has a slight red tint to them. For the days that I want a bit more dept to my eyes, I use Givenchy Kohl Couture or the Tom Ford high definition eyeliner for both the inner and outer lash line. As for the best eyebrow products, I still favour Mac over the many tested alternatives. I usually buy the pens in two different shades, one to fill in and other to give shape.

What else? Tom Ford has been a favourite for lip products this summer, I absolutely adore the the branding and names of the TF lips collections. The name is already convincing! For a cute, or in my opinion perfect balance of nude and pink, ‘First Time’ does the trick. On top of all this, there is a few additional beauty products that I have been favouring lately. Red nails continues it’s ongoing success in my book, Tom Ford’s Nail Lacquer in Scarlet Chinois has the prefect flirty red for the warmer months. A current favourite, without leaning too much towards orange, it nails (all puns intended) the ideal summer red lacquer. In the perfume section I am all over Byredo’s new unisex scent – Super Cedar. Light, but not too sweet, summery but not floral, you simply have to try it!

Source: 5 Inch and Up
The Summer Beauty Edit