BABOR DOCTOR BABOR Purity Cellular Ultimate Blemish Reducing Cream


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Is acne one of the things you worry about every day? Have you switched from treatment to treatment, frustrated because nothing seems to work? While dealing with acne is difficult and tiresome, certain products can prove to be beneficial. BABOR Ultimate Blemish Reducing cream provides intensive care and prevention for acne-ridden skin. This cream reduces existing blemishes and impurities, and fights to prevent any in the future. Furthermore, BABOR Ultimate Blemish Reducing Cream goes as far as reducing sebum production (oil in hair follicles that results in acne) and prevents excess cornification (hardening of acne and the skin). With regular use, you will notice a change in your complexion. Treating acne isn’t fun, but BABOR makes it possible.Reduces sebum production.Dissolves excess cornification.Reduces and fights blemishes and impurities.Net Weight: 50 ml / 1.69 oz.

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