ZINO Activating Gold Essence Water 130ml,



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ZINO Activating Gold Essence Water, by promoting cell reborn and collagen rebuilt, can help improving skin problems, such as dullness, roughness, dryness, white bumps, large pores, wrinkles, sagging, freckles and irritations. A flawless and youthful skin is restored in one night.Gold Magic : Activating skin rebornThe essence water contains 999 gold, through the ionizing effects. It helps the blood circulation for promoting cell reborn, collagen rebuilt, and anti-free radical and anti-melanin. A translucent skin is instantly restored.Patented Formula : Collagen rebuiltBy combining the patented ingredient Gatuline® Expression and hydrolyzed collagen, elastin and collagen are instantly rebuilt, preventing wrinkle formation and improving sagging skin.Human Affinity : Healthy and Deep moistThe essence water contains concentrated hyaluronic acid and Tremella Fuciformis extract, with their human affinity structure, can immediately hydrate derma skin and balance oil secretion. With the help of allantoin, the anti-inflammation property can further prevent skin irritations.Suitable for all skin types.

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