ZINO Customized Color-Toning Cream (Collagen Boost) 30g,



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Micro Colour Capsule Technology: Collagen BoostCC cream or better known as colour control cream, offers colour toning to match skin colour. ZINO Customized Color-Toning Cream (Collagen Boost) is developed by Korean Professional Dermatologist and authorized to manufacture. With Micro Colour Capsule Technology, ZINO Customized Colour-toning Cream can match all skin tones, help correct flaws and uneven skin tone to perfect overall complexion.Hydrolyzed Collagen: Prevent skin-agingZINO Customized Colour-toning Cream has a lighter and smoother texture than other foundation. It is formulated with SPF 34 and PA++ that can help prevent skin damage and early aging. It can be spread easily to smooth the fine lines. Active ingredients such as Hydrolyzed Collagen and anti-aging patent Vita Extract ™ possess the ability to delay aging process. They are easily absorbed into the skin, so to improve moisture circulation and the elasticity of the skin.Papaya Fruit Extract: Prevent clogged poreThe papaya fruit extract helps to unclog pores by controlling oil production. ZINO Customized Colour-toning Cream does not only conceal blemishes, balance skin tone but also minimize the appearance of pores. It keeps the skin clear and the make-up longer lasting.

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