ZINO Dark Circle Removal Golden Eye Mask 30pairs,



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Say Good-bye to Dark Circles! 20 Mins Diminish Dark Eye Circles, Completely remove your dark eye circle!ZINO Dark Circle Removal Golden Eye Mask, developed by Korean Professional Dermatologist and authorized to manufacture, combines post-care of cosmetic surgery technology and efficient ingredients such as colloidal gold and caviar extract, which can address the different causes of dark eye circles.Anti-dark Circles Colloidal Gold Caviar x Patented Medical FormulaCaviar Extract x Colloidal GoldEach Eye Mask contains concentrated Caviar Extract and Colloidal Gold. Colloidal gold can balance positive and negative ions, improve skin metabolism and micro-circulation. Caviar Extract directly increase collagen proliferation, refresh and boost up eye skin, as well as remove dark eye circle and eye bags.Patented MelavaxInstantly increase collagen reborn, promote micro-circulation helps reduce fluid and skin elasticity. Continuous use helps to improve skin firmness, remove dark circles and eye bags under eyes.Patented GreenolPowerful Anti-oxidation effect, improve eye skin texture by soothing and moisturizing skin, as well as increase anti-oxidations. Reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Brightened and smooth eye skin is restored.

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