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Sometimes when you’re out on the town on Halloween night, you need to get from one party to the next as quickly as possible so you don’t have to miss out on a single moment of the fun. Taking the easy route on sidewalks can take quite a bit of time though. Maybe it’s time you took a quick shortcut, but what about your costume getting all torn up as a result, or, even worse, you get lost in that spooky part of the dark forest you’re trying to get through? Back in the times of the frontier, Native Americans were excellent trackers. They would use all sorts of different landmarks and parts of nature to figure out where they were and which way they were going no matter what time of day it was. We can hardly find the exit we need to visit our grandmother’s house sometimes! We’ve been doing some thinking though, and we’re pretty sure we know their secret to never getting lost. It’s not the fact that they’ve been taught how to travel all their lives; it’s the fact that they’re very confident in where they are at all times! If we could somehow harness that, then we would have the same fantastic results. Now whenever we are going from party to party, we make sure at least one of us is dressed up in a fantastic Native American inspired costume just like this one, so we don’t have to worry about losing our way. We can even take the sweet shortcuts, and not have to worry about much of our clothes snagging on branches. Think you can be your friend group’s guide? Try this Women’s Wild West Indian Costume on for size. Don’t forget your moccasins.

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