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Team Red or Team Pink

Team Red or Team Pink

After almost 13 years of YLF, I can’t believe we haven’t run this poll, so let’s do it for Valentine’s Day. Do you prefer red or pink? Note that any shade of red or pink counts. From the darkest burgundy, wine and Bordeaux to a cool fire engine, cherry and fuchsia. From the brightest tomato red, shocking pink, neon pink, bubblegum pink and watermelon, to pale ice pink, ballet pink, mauve, dusty pink, antique pink and blush.

I LOVE both red and pink, and have since I was a little girl. I’ve had a red coat or jacket and a pink something or other in my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. Our home decor in Seattle is full of red and pink accents. Tomato red and shocking pink are amongst my favourite colours, but I like and wear other shades of red and pink too. I like wearing red and pink together. I like wearing red and pink both as statements or as accents. I like patterns that combine red and pink. I like wearing tonal shades of red or pink from head-to-toe in one outfit.

I find tomato red and blush pink very versatile, and that’s why they can function like “a neutral” in my wardrobe. To my eye, a bright shade of tomato red works with any colour, giving it life and verve. Blush pink in footwear is nude-for-me, and has therefore become an essential. I also find burgundy versatile, but it doesn’t make me as happy as its tomato red or watermelon cousin.

I wear a lot of red, and wear it more than pink. My new pair of specs are watermelon, so these days I wear red every day. Currently, these are the red and pink items in my wardrobe, and I’ll happily add more because I don’t tire of the colours.

Although I love both red and pink, my affection for red runs deeper. What I like most about red is its intensity. My senses are exhilarated when I see it. I find it soothing, happy, energizing and exciting. The front and back doors of our house are “ladybug red.” I wore a red outfit on the most important day of my life — the day I met hubby Greg — and would wear a red gown if I went to the Academy Awards. I also chose red as my colour of the year. I bat for Team Red.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Red or Team Pink? Tell us why and no battering for both teams. If you can’t pick a side, feel free to hang out on the bench where I’m serving spicy sweet potato wedges, fried Brussels sprouts, kale quinoa, and stuffed eggplant. Sumo oranges for dessert.

Eloquii Puff Sleeve Sweater

Eloquii Two Tone Sequin Pencil Skirt

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Team Red or Team Pink

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